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R.I.P Torc

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Torc - my level 45 hardcore monk - has kicked the bucket.

My gear was all around 20 levels too low due to simply not finding anything, other than my weapons which I had some fairly nice ones. Both with around 30life per hit and a socket, and totalling about 1.1k dps. But it's still a damn nuisance to lose it all.

I've not been playing the monk much lately after Shifty lost his witch doctor (twice, and later wizard) but I pressed on a little these past few days, hitting nightmare act 3 last night. So I began pressing into act 3 this morning and comfortably cleared the 1st boss down in the larder.

Next, onto the battlefield.. out I go, bit of a painful moment with those huge moon clan warriors when they enrage but still only around 50% hp at my lowest, cleared a few more packs then came across one of those Herald of Pestilence groups (3 or 4) - I knew they would go straight for that underground attack so I hit the blind button to delay them a few seconds, but didn't get the furthest one....

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Diablo 3

Freyn Returns

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As I'm sure anyone not living under a rock - in the atlantic ocean with no eyes or ears - is aware, Diablo 3 was released yesterday. My copy did not arrive until this morning so I'm a little behind on the slaughter but I'm certainly going to put the time in. Unfortunately the servers have just been taken down, but I guess that gives me time to get this written!

I've only given the one class (Barbarian, as if it needed saying) the go so far, because I am certain I am going to enjoy it and I'm more of the 1 character first kinda guy. Needless to say, Freyn (both Freyn's actually) is currently making a rather bloody mess in the world of Sanctuary at the moment.

Note: I am aware that there are kill streaks of 10k+ out there, this isn't meant to be showing off. Although it's worth noting they are all done by deliberate kill farming, not just playing the game ;)

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