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This is admittedly, a bit of a bragging post, but one I feel I deserve. I have just played what must be one of most intense games of world of tanks I have ever played, I simply wish I had a video of it. I'll start with how the rest of the night has played out first.

I've been unable to sleep this past night so I've been mostly playing world of tanks, there have been some abysmal teams - and I mean REALLY abysmal. The real memorable games were a crushing defeat on Malinovka in which there was nothing below tier IX in the game but the teams had one major difference; the enemy had five mediums, we had nought but heavies.. which resulted in a rather large massacre due to lack of spotting. Five or six defeats later I had another malinovka game of abysmal teamwork - this time after the usual snipe duel across the field I went to the hill to realise I was alone. I ended up fending off two type-59's, a Panther-II, T-43, VK3601H, IS-3 and T-44 long enough to kill 4 of them and allow my team to cap. As you can imagine by the end of that game my adrenaline was flowing rather.

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Patch 7.3

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Well I guess it's a case of better late than never, as the new patch arrived today just over a week into may (originally given as late april). It's brought with it the splitting of the USSR heavy tank tree's.

The Revelant Points
The KV becomes the KV-1 (Tier5) and KV-2 (Tier6), the latter given to you if you have a KV in your garage with the big turret researched. The KV-3 moves up a notch to Tier7, with hitpoints and gun adjustments as nessecary, and is replaced by the T-150. The IS-4 moves up to the Tier10 slot of the new line and is replaced by the IS-8. With the addition of the KV-4 as the Tier 8, and ST-1 as the Tier9.

The Patch and I
Well, I've had the KV and KV-3 since last year when I played World of Tanks the first time and headed (on the advice of friends) for the USSR heavy tree... before putting it down completely after I loathed the KV-3. But upon seeing the upcoming patch I pushed to try and get an IS-4 so that I might have 3 free garage slots instead of 2 (and ofc, a tier10 for free)... but hit a real roadblock in the IS-3 that I just cannot stand to play.

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