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Guardian vs Warrior Pt. 2

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Last night was the 2nd stress test for the beta and I started with the intent to give my Guardian some time in WvWvW so I could try and find an accurate comparison to the Warrior and which fits my play-style better.

My results... well, it's a bit iffy. I went back to my Warrior after around 30 minutes but kept thinking (and saying, much to the other ventrilo users frustration I'm sure!) about how much more useful the Guardian would be in various situations or how different the fight would be if I were the Guardian... but I have decided to stick to my Warrior.

My findings for the Guardian, at least at a low level where there is little gear customization available, is that it is insanely more survivable than the Warrior. My Warrior is constantly diving for the heal button and just trying to stay alive a few seconds longer, my Guardian on the other hand was able to tank multiple camp guards without his health dropping at all. Better passive healing and cleansing I was barely even touching my heal button. Clearly for that I am favouring the Guardian by a LARGE margin, for taking on PvE objectives/content and small groups of players the Guardian just seems to not die.

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Guild Wars 2

Guardian vs Warrior

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So my main intent of the beta weekend other than to check out the mechanics of the game, was to try and make a class choice. Have I succeeded? Not quite. Here's a brief run down of what I felt the classes were good at/my experiences.

In Structured PvP (full traits/skills/rank/gear) with the build I had, I felt near unkillable. I certainly wasn't dishing out the damage and I have no idea how much my passive healing was helping (if it did anything) - but I was able to defend a point for plenty of time until help arrived. Even against 5 opponents.

In World PvP, I felt both useful and useless at the same time. Fighting camp guards I was fantastic for being a tank and I honestly rarely needed to use my heal skill, defending keeps the main fun was nipping out the gate - dropping a reflective projectile wall infront of the gate - nipping back in. Again though, how useful was that? I don't know. Sure people were causing a lot of damage to themselves but with everyone being able to heal/escape actually finishing a player is very rare unless you can get right up in their grill.

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