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There's been the odd new game, and the old game recently both contributing to slowing my site progress. But most of all it's still that decision making issue that I have. I'm feeling a desire to put more 'bloggy' type stuff recently, which contradicts to what I originally intended the site to be. I can't help but feel the whole thing would've been better had I just made my original intention in one go!

Which brings me onto the site progress, I've done some back-end progress lately (mostly bot tracking) but nothing visible. I'm still toying with different theme's when I get into a coding mood, and I'm thinking that for the full website (rather than blog) I'll do it all in one go rather than gradual additions... or at least, the larger parts will be in one go. I just don't think it'll fit properly if I do it in small parts slowly pushing the blog to the back.

In a way I'm regretting the categorisation and thinking just mass tagging is a better way forward, but too late for that now! Short term plans for the future that will actually affect visitors instead of just me:

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Stuck in a Rut

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After creating my to-do list site work progressed fairly swiftly and I was actually feeling pretty pleased with the way it was all going. But lately, I've just ground to a halt. This is a culmination of many things really;

I'm struggling to keep my mind occupied at the moment, whilst coding may be a good way to achieve that the cause/effect of the mood that this has put me in, is that I simply.. don't care enough about anything right now to put the work in.

Diablo 3 has, well, I wouldn't say "got me hooked" but is enveloping my time - for mostly the above reason. I like Diablo and I always have, but the repetitive nature of it (more so than most RPG's, due to the campaign repetition) limits how much I can play it on my own. Most of my solo play at present is to try keep psyche occupied.

Finally, the major issue for site progression instead of just general activities, is that I simply hit a design block. When the coding first began I was intending something on a far grander scale, that of a gaming article/review site with the blog on the side as a "In the mind of the creator" type thing. But I wanted to get it all ready prior to the rapidly approaching beta's and chose to strip it down, resulting in "A Blog". Planning ahead is not my strongest suit, especially given my one real attempt to do so has not had the greatest results (even if not through any planning related issue).

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