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Server Stacking Irony

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As is a tendency in PvP games people want to be on a winning team, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Again as with most PvP games, people prefer to have allies they can depend on, nothing wrong with that either. But why try and claim it is anything else?

There are several large alliances - each consisting of around 5-10 LARGE guilds - forming for Guild Wars 2, all claiming they wish to roll on an empty server so that the server's can maintain balance. On the whole there are mentions of "strong pvp alliance", "longevity of WvW by spreading the guilds", "not stacking servers" and other such things. Now in a way this is correct, they are spreading the guilds across more than one server and World vs World will have some added longevity as these servers clash. But I see some distinct flaws in the arguments...

Server Stacking
You are still stacking the damned servers. If you want to give some true balance then let's look at how many servers there are? Between all these large guilds there shall be what.. 5? 6? servers taken up. Naturally there shall be 'random'/casual players rolling on them too, meaning either the guilds won't be able to join World v World (and as such will move causing the same issues elsewhere) or the casual's won't. Now I'm sure that latter point isn't an issue for any of these guilds, they despise casual unguilded players to begin with otherwise why would they be so intent on filling the server with other guilds? So the idea of "Not creating stacked servers" is to stack YOUR server with strong guilds? Please... give me a break.

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Guild Wars 2

Release Confirmed

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ArenaNET have always said that they intended to release Guild Wars 2 "When it's ready", and that would be determined by the feedback taken from the beta's and stress-test's. There has now been two pre-purchase beta weekends (BWE's) and 2 short server stress tests, and it would seem they have made their decision!

Guild Wars 2 will be released on 28th August, 2012. There is also a 3rd and final beta weekend from the 20th-22nd of July for everyone to do those last little important things prior to launch such as determining class choice, character creation and all those little fact finding missions.

For myself and all other pre-purchasers we get a 3 day head start, allowing us to begin on the 25th of August. There is no news yet (that I am aware of) as to how frequently the World vs World match-ups will rotate but it has been speculated based on quotes from the development team, that it will rotate faster for the first few weeks to try and create some early resemblance of server balance.

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