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Impact's "Holiday"

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Story time! My Guild Wars 2 guild - Impact - was feeling rather unappreciated on our home server (Ruins of Surmia). The server is the 2nd to lowest rank and asides from always being stuck with a difficult bracket, it is in a dire need of organisation and/or competent guilds to approach it. We have been playing there about 2 months now and as time has got on the attitudes present have changed quite dramatically, including a fairly aggressive approach by certain players whenever we attempted to push for change.

So it was decided, due to many things such as not feeling like our contribution (as pretty much the ONLY WvW focused guild) was not only unappreciated but not wanted, to players not believing that they needed to change and us wanting to get some perspective on the server from another angle, and the fact people seem to deem the servers only problem as numbers and that their opponents are simply poor.... well, we decided to move for a week.

So, we retagged ourselves as Superfail [SF] and moved to the one server lower on the rankings than our own, Fissure of Woe. The approximate scores and ratings (ELO system) at the end of the week before were:

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After a few days trying to make up my mind, with consultations from those accompanying me (Shifty/Gribur) a name has been finally decided on for Guild Wars 2.

I've given a little try out of both shivtr.com and enjin.com's free guild site's and settled on enjin for the time being. It is not ideal and frankly I prefer the complete control our own webspace would offer, but I cannot justify throwing money on some more at this time and to be honest there is a lot of customization available in the systems they provide.

The main reason a pre-built site was chosen (and Enjin over Shivtr for that) is that many people do not like registering on sites, but the network is already very populated. IF the guild takes off and lasts through time, I will build/find a more long term solution (Sadly unable to export the content though) that suits it's needs. Who knows, if I actually put the time in maybe I could make some working forums to attach to this site's base code and use that.

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