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Honestly, ArenaNet should be getting commission from games companies right now.

Not only have I bought several games myself (mostly through steam) that I would not have bought otherwise, but so have a vast multitude of other people I know. Almost every single one of the games myself and friends have purchased in the past month have been done with one consistent after comment, along the lines of "Argh!! Hurry up and release Guild Wars 2, I keep buying other games just to try pass the time. Then a beta comes along and they don't seem fun any more so I get a new one!"

I've bought 14 games myself (okay, 12 were in a pack) that I would not have done had either Guild Wars 2 been already released (Too busy with that) or had the beta's not been so thoroughly enjoyable that they made the other games I was playing at the time feel so bland.

Burning a hole in my already low bank balance, release it already! Honestly this could've been such a huge marketing move if only they had more titles out themselves to tease with. "Can't wait for Guild Wars 2? Get a taste of it with game XYZ that has feature ABC!" - Guild Wars does fit into this category but being an MMO it's not something most are likely to pick up for the remaining 2 weeks.

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