Frustration, thy name is Ebuyer.

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Whilst I am not generally wishing to assail a company, and my general experience with Ebuyer has been positive over the years - if it wasn't I wouldn't still use them - I am somewhat annoyed lately. So here's the story...

I bought the parts for a new computer in April, and as seems to be my luck with every computer I've ever built (not just with parts from Ebuyer, but other stores both online and offline) some of the memory modules I bought were faulty. So, as you can imagine I contacted them and arranged for a return/replacement.

I bought the modules in a single kit of 4 modules, and so was a bit concerned I may have to down my PC for a week or so while they were replaced. So naturally I raised an "eNote" on their site to ask, specifying complete with product link that I bought a 4x4gb kit, and asking would I need to return only the faulty items or the entire kit. They said just send the faulty modules.

All confirmed, I started the returns process requesting an RMA number - again, in my request I said "I have sent an eNote and was told only to send the faulty modules", someone checked it over and moved it to the next step, which had to be done by phone. So I phoned them up, and again (twice if I recall during the conversation) expressed my concern over whether I would need to return all 4 or just 2, and that I had been advised only 2. The bloke on the phone agreed only the 2 were needed. My RMA number was assigned and collection arranged for the following tuesday.

... Tuesday came and went, no pickup. Again, an eNote is sent and they apologise and rearrange for friday. Friday comes, and no pickup... So I think "Okay, wait for monday then stress it again" but I ended up forgetting entirely. Come tuesday though, they arrive 9am almost on the dot. The collection was a week late, after contacting and rearranging... it was lucky I was in at all.

Still, FINALLY over with and I'll have new memory in a week I thought.. until I recieved this email this morning:

"In order for us to continue with the returns process, we require all parts of the item to be returned. Please send the missing 2x 4GB memory sticks, clearly marked with your rma number to the below address within 7 days, as we are unable to proceed with the return without the complete unit."

After the number of times I have queried to ensure exactly this would not happen, I am not a happy customer (pun intended). I have informed them of this.. and should they object, I'll be throwing in my "It was missed pickup, TWICE" card.

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