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Well I guess it's a case of better late than never, as the new patch arrived today just over a week into may (originally given as late april). It's brought with it the splitting of the USSR heavy tank tree's.

The Revelant Points
The KV becomes the KV-1 (Tier5) and KV-2 (Tier6), the latter given to you if you have a KV in your garage with the big turret researched. The KV-3 moves up a notch to Tier7, with hitpoints and gun adjustments as nessecary, and is replaced by the T-150. The IS-4 moves up to the Tier10 slot of the new line and is replaced by the IS-8. With the addition of the KV-4 as the Tier 8, and ST-1 as the Tier9.

The Patch and I
Well, I've had the KV and KV-3 since last year when I played World of Tanks the first time and headed (on the advice of friends) for the USSR heavy tree... before putting it down completely after I loathed the KV-3. But upon seeing the upcoming patch I pushed to try and get an IS-4 so that I might have 3 free garage slots instead of 2 (and ofc, a tier10 for free)... but hit a real roadblock in the IS-3 that I just cannot stand to play.

Loaded up my WoT this morning and yup, there's 2 nice free slots in my garage and the KV-1, KV-2, KV-3, T-150 all sat there.. but it seems that unlike previous patches, my KV-3 has NOT retained it's elite status, and neither has its replacement. Which has rather disgruntled me. Still.. I shall finish them off (painfully), sell them, and stock up on some other tanks I shall likley not play unless platooned with a lower tank.

Currently sporting: JagdTiger (E), T32 (E), IS-3, KV-3, KV-2, T-150, KV-1, Chaffee (E), M7 Priest.

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