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Part 2: Review

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I figure a bit more on my beta impressions is necessary, I may later on do some indepth detailing of how various parts of it work but for now, just a quick 'review' if you like.

The art style is both fairly standard and very unique at the same time. The characters, world, it's inhabitants etc - are all what you find in the average MMO these days - not too sparkly not too 'blob of colour' and actually quite well detailed even on medium settings. The UI is minimalistic and very artistic, which works very well with the rest of the game. As for the unique part I mentioned, well that's mostly seen during the cut-scenes. All being built out of layers ontop of each other, like a moving painting... not that that's a great description. Generic Screenshot

The few things I expected to frustrate me with the art style were the 'Korean' style things, namely the Asuran race. But actually, I am even pondering whether to make one and simply kit it in heavy armor to look like a dwarf! There are some hilarious things in the game such as the tonics from mystical chests. Notrust takes a tonic for 'hare loss'

There are 2 things I spotted which I've not/rarely seen before, and whilst not greatly important they add to it wonderfully. The first, is running into objects like a corn field etc.. they physically sway as your character connects to them. The other, is when your character is stood on uneven ground instead of one foot floating in the air, your legs/feet position so as to realistically stand (I took a video, will upload sometime).

I do have a new rig admittedly, but I got anywhere between 30-50fps in the majority of situations, the lowest I had was 15 during a VERY large fight while running fraps. I don't recall any sluggish behaviour at all except for the first night when the servers were a bit over stressed and there was a bit of general lag (rather than client lag). Load times (again, putting it to the new rig/SSD) were about 6seconds to load an area.

It didn't feel like questing as such other than doing the personal story (which I didn't really do a great deal of). Most of my leveling came from wandering around doing dynamic events or hearts. The Dynamic events were pretty much public quests from WaR except they don't just reset upon completion, and there's no chest or loot rolling at the end. The hearts are more like a normal quest from doing/finishing, but you don't have to accept it first - just be in the area.

World vs World is VAST. I would say it was a little blobby during this beta but the beauty of the 2 week rotations are that if one server has a large population, they will gradually shift to fight other similar servers. Small groups can still take objectives as we spent most our nights sneaking out to cap them, hoping to frustrate and split up the larger enemy force.

Structured PvP is joinable from level 2 (when you finish the tutorial) onwards and is enjoyable for breaking up the pve - which isn't even a grind. Some games felt like the old flag swapping but others were much more about the combat, it will vary as these things inevitably do with each player involved.

I quite like the guild system barring the multi-join thing, I feel guilds should be more about loyalty. I can forsee people just choosing to represent whichever guild is currently providing the bonuses they want, and there will of course be a hard time ensuring people don't take things from the vault then swap.

Crafting again is simple yet complex... you have to make individual weapon parts, but there is no buying recipes or gathering skills - learn by doing. Very easy to pick up and do.

Parties.. I would like there to be an option to form a larger party (even 10 would do) just to make tracking your allies around the map a little easier.

All in all, I'm looking forward to the game and think it's well worth the one time cost (no subscription!!)

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Shifty @ 05/05/2012 18:56
overall good comments and general outlook of the game, I liked the aspect of WvW being massive brilliant allowing much more scope tactical ninja'ing of objectives.

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