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Guardian vs Warrior

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So my main intent of the beta weekend other than to check out the mechanics of the game, was to try and make a class choice. Have I succeeded? Not quite. Here's a brief run down of what I felt the classes were good at/my experiences.

In Structured PvP (full traits/skills/rank/gear) with the build I had, I felt near unkillable. I certainly wasn't dishing out the damage and I have no idea how much my passive healing was helping (if it did anything) - but I was able to defend a point for plenty of time until help arrived. Even against 5 opponents.

In World PvP, I felt both useful and useless at the same time. Fighting camp guards I was fantastic for being a tank and I honestly rarely needed to use my heal skill, defending keeps the main fun was nipping out the gate - dropping a reflective projectile wall infront of the gate - nipping back in. Again though, how useful was that? I don't know. Sure people were causing a lot of damage to themselves but with everyone being able to heal/escape actually finishing a player is very rare unless you can get right up in their grill.

It feels to me the guardian is either a defensive support/buff bot (dropping wards/absorbs/reflects in between the 2 armies to provide a shield for your own) or you can actually be quite offensive, but you will drop so much faster than a warrior. Weapon wise.. sword/shield felt the most useful, everything else being very lackluster in PvP other than the occasional single abilities.

In structured I felt okay at first, but after a stint on the guardian and going back I didn't. I felt horribly easy to kill but then on the other hand I was certainly dishing more damage. Most useful with a few other's to support on the attack, not so great for defense.

World v World.. it feels like I've got my weapon switch removed but I simply would not go anywhere without a warhorn! The world is vast and that speed boost is so refreshing. The 2 handed hammer is the big BIG damage output, but lacks any real mobility - Dual swords are great for bleeding (which given peoples escape tools getting some bleeds going during that one second you have caught them...great!) and to be honest I even enjoyed dual axes for the whirlwind ability. Certainly have to keep moving with a warrior but the damage output is great. Mobility is so-so, frequently I would charge, swap weapon and charge again.. just to have someone double blink and speed boost so I never landed a hit.

Keep defending can be a bit frustrating in my opinion, going outside is mostly a death sentence (no guard+heal spam in this game to keep you alive!) so it's all about break combat, swap to bow/rifle and start shooting. The bow is excellent AoE damage and that burst skill can cause some huge hits - whilst the rifle is more direct. With people simply backing up and healing though it's tough to bring someone fully down. Keep assaults are roughly the same affair I guess.

I'm still leaning towards the warrior for abilities, the shouts and damage mostly - so is better for fighting in open ground, but for the objectives.. the guardian just feels more useful, doming up around a ram construction site if nothing else. And thats what's throwing me, if not for that shield dome and wall, I'd be pretty set on the warrior.

I guess it's about adopting to what your class is good for. With the warrior having a little more flexibility (imho) - I think that shall be the class I roll at launch.

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shifty @ 30/04/2012 21:51
Both seemed to work well in my opinion. But really it will rest on which your mosy comfartable with, suppose the bonus is you can have a toon for grp play and then any amount of others for structured pvp plus a great idea of what they offer at max lvl.

Crimson @ 30/04/2012 22:08
Aye, the structured makes alts very easy to play, although it plays very different to the world stuff. Guardian felt great for hitting objectives but very poor for attacking players. Warriors just more flexible.

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