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Self-Obsessive Nature of Players

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I am noticing a pattern to a particular group of players on the Guild Wars 2 fan forums. As you may have seen I have already expressed my feelings on server stacking and player names in relation to WvW (un-eloquently as it may have been) but now from the same people that sparked those rants, we have another one:

Give us breaks during WvW matchups.

Someone proposed that WvW should stop between matchups so that players can 'have a rest', because they believe that the only way their server can succeed is if they (not the server, them personally) are in WvW at all times. It does not seem to be enough that they are in many cases bringing 10+ large guilds with them to ensure 100% alliance population in WvW, now they want WvW to be shut off during off peak hours.

The same people have requested that WvW points be calculated at a slower rate during off peak times because they think it's unfair players can take them back easier during the night.

Many people have odd work schedules, work night shifts, or like me have trouble sleeping and cannot predict when they are online. Some people work away from home and will only be able to play at weekends, etc. How would these people feel if every time they finally got access to the computer - WvW was disabled?

If you are going to stack the server in your favour so much then surely you should've thought of this already? You should have your time zones covered, right? They have objected that WvW will become stale because matchups will be stuck - yet that will be their own fault for making it as easy as possible rather than having to fight their way to the top via organisational issues and getting to know the rest of their server. They have objected that nameless WvW reduces socialising, but they have eliminated the socialising on their own server by making sure they don't have to meet any new people. And with the incredibly large alliances they are bringing they are trying to shut out all other players from WvW - hampering many peoples enjoyment.

The argument has been put forth by myself and others that simply, if they don't want to have to play all day every day, then don't. The concern from the players seem's to be that they want the top spot, and that means never leaving WvW apparently. They are worried they will get fed up of WvW very quickly and it will become a battle of longevity for top spot rather than skill... again though, that is their own choice. No one is forcing them to see the top spot as the be-all end-all of the game, and so these arguments are met with "You don't get it. If we want that top spot we MUST play and that will make us quit". Once again, it is THEIR choice no one is forcing them to do this.

It is unbelievable how self-obsessed these players are. Expecting either other peoples play time to count less, or simply not be possible. When someone tried to suggest that "The war goes on regardless" and "your server won't suddenly fall off the leaderboard because you took a nap" ... the response he received was a very aggressive "Spoken like someone who no one will miss in WvW".

This blog is becoming somewhat of a giant rant, then again I did one day intend to write how it is communities that often kill the games...

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