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Part 1: Initial Beta Impressions

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So the full scale beta weekend went live at 8pm GMT on friday the 27th, as expected there were some teething problems. Initially all seemed fine but as more and more people connected spammed that login screen.. it all went horribly wrong.

Eternally failing to connect to the login servers and quite a few connection drops for those playing was the lot assigned to all those who were just itching to play. But.. come 4am and my traditionally bad sleep pattern kicks in, time for a game! 10mintues later there's server maintenance!

Still, I've played around 30minutes in total and am starting to get a feel for how it's going to work. At 4200xp for level 2-3 and the knowledge that there is no leveling curve it looks like leveling up to 80 will be VERY quick (Edit: There is a slight increase at lower levels (approx 200xp), when I get to the upper ones I'll check again). That's potentially a bad thing but not really, because the majority of the content is PvP based and all the PvP areas bump you up anyway. (For contrast, I got 120xp for every map section I discovered, and there's a lot of them).

Performance wise the game is running pretty smoothly, I'm at around 40-50fps on medium settings, which looks pretty enough for my needs for certain! The UI is rather tastey and once you learn that all your characters information is contained in the 'Hero' window, you're set.

For this beta weekend (Thanks Shifty) you will find the PvP weapons are free and can be picked up from the vendor to the right when you enter the mists, and sigils/jewels/runes are all in the PvP lockers. There's plenty of setups to play around with I've not managed any PvP yet to test out certain traits or rune combinations to see whether things such as the 'bleed on hit' talents are worth taking but these are the things I would like to discover. I intend to dedicate tomorrow to the Warrior and sunday to the Guardian so I can get a feel for which class is for me.

It's definitely going to take some getting used to the targetting system and dodging but it's looking promising so far! Fraps videos a plenty are being taken to enable back referencing of item/skill stats etc.

More to come.

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Rob @ 28/04/2012 13:05
Sounds good. I figured that there might have been server trouble since Steam told me several times that you were starting up GW2 (I couldn't imagine that you would have quit so early unless it was something server related.) Vids please. :)

Shifty @ 28/04/2012 22:36
ohh ohhh ohh I got a mention :)

Rob @ 29/04/2012 15:33

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