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So today's heated topic I've been observing is that of the showing of players names in world vs world, people want to have the option to choose whether their name can be seen.

In many ways as long as it's an option what's the problem? Although hiding your name would get you the suspected "What are you afraid of?" comments I would imagine. Partly this would depend entirely on it's implementation, currently we see player names as for example: Augury Rock Invader [FisH]. With the first part being the name of the server, and the second being a guild tag... if this idea were to be implemented, where would your name go? If you replace the server name then it becomes harder to determine who you are under attack from. If you add it to the end, names become obscenely long, underneath then you are beginning to create clutter - and ANet have said on many occasions their desire to keep things easily visible and do away with clutter.

Griefing is a frequent reason for many of Anet's WvW related decisions and I agree with them all. The majority of players see this as a "protect the casual" system, I don't agree that WvW will be at all casual - for me I see it as simply avoiding all the utter assholes who exist out there. The types who's sole purpose of the game seems to be to make your life hell with abuse etc.

There are other reasons I can see this not being enabled due to existing in game features. Names are unique, and your contact list is cross-server due to the guesting feature (temporarily visit the PvE area's of another server), once you know the identity of key players for the opposing server, you can add them to your contact list and keep track of them. In the same manner it opens up the game for people to both send abusive whispers to their opponents, and for a certain degree of 'cross-realming' to occur.

One key point in my opinion, is the game is called Guild Wars - the focus is on teamplay and generating prestige for your guild, as shown by the inclusion of guild tags on the WvW player names. To this last point someone responded "I'll just make my own guild on my own to be identified anyway so you don't need to hide names" ... well if that is your existing option, why do you need a further one? But that exact attitude is what ANet are trying to avoid. The creation of a solo guild purely to be recognised by your opponents says one thing: Ego, you want people to know it's YOU who killed them, whilst that isn't inherently bad - it is nice to have a reputation but you shouldn't go out your way to achieve it - it again steers away from the entire GUILD based part of the game.

There are many arguments that it removes a social aspect of the game and the developers are wanting a good social experience, maybe it removes SOME of it, but they are pushing for more social activity on your server and guild (which is no different to 99% of other MMO's out there where you wouldn't see other servers to begin with).

Regarding the player name display issue I mentioned earlier, there are going to be some players with obscenely long names... things could get very very cluttered, VERY quickly.

My opinion as you may have gathered, is to leave it as is. I can respect people's arguments and desires to have some more competitive rivalry, but I think the above are good counter-points. This choice by ANet is something that is endearing me to Guild Wars 2 already.

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Shifty @ 11/07/2012 17:19
I would say that having players names hidden is a + for social experience on your server as it will get server to focus inwardly and develop bond between guilds on the server instead of having player names which will cause the server to look outwards and flame other servers

Crimson @ 12/07/2012 13:02
As you are aware, plenty of people in previous games transferred off/back again in order to get a name change. Being a known player is not always a good thing, the harassment/abuse you can receive from some players/guilds is ridiculous.

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