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Server Stacking Irony

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As is a tendency in PvP games people want to be on a winning team, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Again as with most PvP games, people prefer to have allies they can depend on, nothing wrong with that either. But why try and claim it is anything else?

There are several large alliances - each consisting of around 5-10 LARGE guilds - forming for Guild Wars 2, all claiming they wish to roll on an empty server so that the server's can maintain balance. On the whole there are mentions of "strong pvp alliance", "longevity of WvW by spreading the guilds", "not stacking servers" and other such things. Now in a way this is correct, they are spreading the guilds across more than one server and World vs World will have some added longevity as these servers clash. But I see some distinct flaws in the arguments...

Server Stacking
You are still stacking the damned servers. If you want to give some true balance then let's look at how many servers there are? Between all these large guilds there shall be what.. 5? 6? servers taken up. Naturally there shall be 'random'/casual players rolling on them too, meaning either the guilds won't be able to join World v World (and as such will move causing the same issues elsewhere) or the casual's won't. Now I'm sure that latter point isn't an issue for any of these guilds, they despise casual unguilded players to begin with otherwise why would they be so intent on filling the server with other guilds? So the idea of "Not creating stacked servers" is to stack YOUR server with strong guilds? Please... give me a break.

Proving you're the best
Do you know what proves you're the best PvP/WvW guild around? your ability to co-operate, lead, fight etc alongside any ally and against any opponent. To be able to change the outcome of a battle etc. I see far more validity to these claims if you have chosen a server on your own and managed to integrate into it, to ally with other guilds that already exist and lead the more uncoordinated players. Stacking the server so that every single player is already fully trained and co-operative is far less impressive.

So, I am aware the game is called Guild Wars and guilds are of course the bulk of the fighting force, and the mainstay of the game. But the size of some of these guilds let alone alliances is indicating that the entire zone(s) will be filled with single guilds, and the servers WvW cap will be a single alliance.

I am perfectly happy to concede that they will likely win, and that it is of course better than letting everyone flock to a single server. But please, stop claiming it's all about "Creating balance" or "Proving who is the better PvPer". Why not move to a server and find allies there? Show that you are the guild that makes the difference and not simply another cog in the system. Rather than making sure there could be no possible weak link in your world vs world chain by surrounding yourself with others from day one, why not find an open space to slot your guild into and help push a weaker server into a better place? Far more impressive.

The final irony of this all as far as I am concerned, is that the same people creating these large alliances - to ensure they can fill every possible WvW spot with someone they know - are the same ones complaining that the lack of player names in WvW will break the social aspect. Nope, it breaks the social aspect with other servers... there would be plenty on your own server if you didn't make sure you already knew every player there!.

Note: I am aware that not everyone has the same views, if people just said "I want to win" then fair enough at least there's honesty. Saying you are doing this to prevent server stacking is the total opposite of what you are actually doing.

As for me? At most if I join the game pre-guilded it shall be with 3-4 players.

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Shifty @ 01/07/2012 14:22
I think you are confusing pvp focused guilds and players with massive epeeners

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