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This is admittedly, a bit of a bragging post, but one I feel I deserve. I have just played what must be one of most intense games of world of tanks I have ever played, I simply wish I had a video of it. I'll start with how the rest of the night has played out first.

I've been unable to sleep this past night so I've been mostly playing world of tanks, there have been some abysmal teams - and I mean REALLY abysmal. The real memorable games were a crushing defeat on Malinovka in which there was nothing below tier IX in the game but the teams had one major difference; the enemy had five mediums, we had nought but heavies.. which resulted in a rather large massacre due to lack of spotting. Five or six defeats later I had another malinovka game of abysmal teamwork - this time after the usual snipe duel across the field I went to the hill to realise I was alone. I ended up fending off two type-59's, a Panther-II, T-43, VK3601H, IS-3 and T-44 long enough to kill 4 of them and allow my team to cap. As you can imagine by the end of that game my adrenaline was flowing rather.

Next comes Dragon Ridge, a map I am none too fond of at the best of times, especially starting on the south. I venture off to the west side only to encounter 6 tanks around the corner: IS-4, IS-3, Panther-II, Patton, Pershing and an AMX-13-90 with only an IS-3 for support of my own. An incredibly large amount of twisting, tilting and ducking into corners occurred as well as a rather panicked fumbling for the fire extinguisher - 5 Tanks dead, only the Patton left.. and wham, in comes an artillery shell.. from my team. I am now on 29hp, tracked, with broken optics, gun, fuel and radio... I was not pleased but I repaired my tracks in time to turn front armor to the Patton, bounce him and finish him off.... only to die to a JagdTiger from across the map 30 seconds later. Worst part? I didn't even get compensation for the 500hp and 5 modules worth of team damage!

So two very tense games in a row and two vastly outnumbered defenses for myself, imagine my dismay when I see XVM give me this at the start of my next game.

Click for full xvm playerlist

I can't count how many times I ran in cirlces around that little mountain crop on the west side chasing tanks, or how far I must've driven in general, but I spent most of that game running from one end of the map to the other to either go save our artillery or stop a medium breaking through while all the time trying to avoid a T95 lurking on the hill. With a 5% predicted chance of victory, I think you can imagine how pleased I was to see this at the top of the score screen at the end.

Click for full end scoreboard

What really topped off the adrenaline from that game, is the little shadow that can be seen just to the side of the scoreboard there. The T95 was just lowering its gun to me over the top of the hill . I had tracked it 3 times and dodged 2 close range shots there where it suddenly loomed out of the fog unexpectedly! Thankfully the artillery managed to finish it as I have no idea if I would've reloaded in time.

I don't usually like to claim that "if it wasn't for me we would've lost", but I played my ass off in that game! Even if I don't get the same kills, I really hope there can be some more games of that intensity.

EDIT: Sadly, despite getting top gun award the next 2 games in a row.. they were both crushing defeats, I feel like I'm playing alone >.>

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FatBuddha @ 03/06/2012 21:26
Nice - too bad that you weren't recording video at the time!

shifty @ 04/06/2012 12:23
Nice work as always, nice your hetting a buzz form it aswell, myself I seem to get more and more frustrated

Crimson @ 04/06/2012 13:26
It's the intensity of the games that is giving me a buzz, the utterly atrocious teams certainly isn't. Although when I can have a game like that where I feel I've outweighed my entire teams short comings it does I guess.

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