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R.I.P Torc

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Torc - my level 45 hardcore monk - has kicked the bucket.

My gear was all around 20 levels too low due to simply not finding anything, other than my weapons which I had some fairly nice ones. Both with around 30life per hit and a socket, and totalling about 1.1k dps. But it's still a damn nuisance to lose it all.

I've not been playing the monk much lately after Shifty lost his witch doctor (twice, and later wizard) but I pressed on a little these past few days, hitting nightmare act 3 last night. So I began pressing into act 3 this morning and comfortably cleared the 1st boss down in the larder.

Next, onto the battlefield.. out I go, bit of a painful moment with those huge moon clan warriors when they enrage but still only around 50% hp at my lowest, cleared a few more packs then came across one of those Herald of Pestilence groups (3 or 4) - I knew they would go straight for that underground attack so I hit the blind button to delay them a few seconds, but didn't get the furthest one....

... 1 second later "OH F***" HP is at around 20%, so I press Serenity (3 seconds of zero damage).. before it's even activated, I'm dead.

Up until this point I've had around 3 moments of panic in the game, once was those Fallen Maniacs, and the other 2 on elite packs. I haven't had to back away from a single boss other than dodging Belial's pools - normal and nightmare bosses all quite comfortably standing in aoe's etc and living through it without losing more than 20% hp. Ignored all boss adds that didn't need to die, but then a Herald of Pestilence killed me in 2 seconds.

I think when I get round to starting again (ARGH! It's so repetitive) I'll be trying to find more resistance gear and probably doing a little more auction house purchasing, if I have the gold (I refuse to grind it).

Maybe I got over confident? I knew to tackle those heralds with caution but I didn't expect that speed of death.

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shifty @ 04/06/2012 12:18
welcome to the graveyard :P

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