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After creating my to-do list site work progressed fairly swiftly and I was actually feeling pretty pleased with the way it was all going. But lately, I've just ground to a halt. This is a culmination of many things really;

I'm struggling to keep my mind occupied at the moment, whilst coding may be a good way to achieve that the cause/effect of the mood that this has put me in, is that I simply.. don't care enough about anything right now to put the work in.

Diablo 3 has, well, I wouldn't say "got me hooked" but is enveloping my time - for mostly the above reason. I like Diablo and I always have, but the repetitive nature of it (more so than most RPG's, due to the campaign repetition) limits how much I can play it on my own. Most of my solo play at present is to try keep psyche occupied.

Finally, the major issue for site progression instead of just general activities, is that I simply hit a design block. When the coding first began I was intending something on a far grander scale, that of a gaming article/review site with the blog on the side as a "In the mind of the creator" type thing. But I wanted to get it all ready prior to the rapidly approaching beta's and chose to strip it down, resulting in "A Blog". Planning ahead is not my strongest suit, especially given my one real attempt to do so has not had the greatest results (even if not through any planning related issue).

Currently the blog is it, and to try and build onto that is rather difficult without the blog remaining the center of it all, which wasn't quite the intent at outset. I have concepts created for how I want it to look but am still unsure on various things about it - Primarily where to fit in the navigation, categories etc.

I prefer to build in small goes rather than in one massive block but it's actually harder to do that way while keeping to the design concept.

There is one other small thing, which is that whilst I am happy with the style it currently has (finally) and am content with leaving it like this... I am feeling it is a little "bland". I've looked around at other sites and - due to self critical nature - deem them superior, and in all honesty the only thing that the majority share in common, is a white background to the text. But without major changes, white really doesn't work for this.

So, I'm going to try and push myself to code these next few days. Whether its additions or complete remodel I have no idea, but I'm going to try. I just really need to make some design decisions.

The first of which is do I like that sidebar being there? It fits a blog but not so much a general site. Wonder who reads this enough for it to matter though >.>

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shifty @ 24/05/2012 08:42
Well you have one reader atleast , if not always a commenter, the site its self looks and feels fluid, think you maybe getting caught up in thoughts about what "other people" do and not your own goals.

Crimson @ 25/05/2012 06:59
For the example I showed you, I'm thinking how the sidebar will fit in other than maybe to display categories/calendar. As for the main layout, concern is that if you skim down there's no obvious "one post ends / next begins"

FatBuddha @ 27/05/2012 22:06
I like the design of this website! It is nice and clean, but still has a style of its own. I'm sure that there are plenty of ways that you could change it to make it more suitable for other things, but what is here I like.

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