A Sign of the Apocalypse?

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This must be a sure sign of the Apocalypse, it's 2012 and after many years of threatening, I have finally done something with my web-space other than throw on a butchered version of phpBB.

I expect the framework is full of holes and will break on every 3rd person to visit but that's what feedback is for right? And I can't get feedback if it doesn't exist!

The intention is a mixture of things, originally I wanted it to be a collection of gaming information like class/quest guides, tools such as a gear/skill calculator, various articles - both opinion and fact (I suspect "Why Warhammer failed" soon!) and a blog of my gaming activities. The latter was actually intended to be the smallest part of it but I prefer to have something running and add to it later - the blog is of course the easiest part!

With the onset of the first Guildwars 2 BWE I've set the blog part of it running so I can talk about my impressions for all 2 people who might potentially read them. I'll try and add more when I am not distracted by the shiny new game or laziness.

So.. thus concludes the first post on my new site.

One side note - the Filthy Few guild forums which were previously here, are available at http://www.filthy-few.co.uk but it will not accept wildcard links (so no www.filthy-few.co.uk/index.php etc) as I am having issues with the control panel to get a proper redirect.

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Rob @ 27/04/2012 16:08
Lookin' good. Comments on GW2 this weekend please, for cheapskates like me too cheap to buy a copy. :)

Crimson @ 27/04/2012 16:21
Of course. Hmm, first task on the site updates... auto-refreshing comment list >.>

Shifty @ 28/04/2012 00:58
looking tasty Mr brikx, makes me feel ashamed at my own lack of creative talent

Crimson @ 28/04/2012 03:56
Well you know how damn long its taken me to do this ;) I usually get a banner done then fail to go further. I like simple but usually go TOO simple.

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